Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Six In A Row"

Wow. Today was day three of what I call "Six in a Row". Basically, between this past Friday and this coming Thursday, I'll have worked six days in a row with Thursday being my first day off for the week. (Never mind that I have Sat-Tues off to go see Ringo Starr in Connecticut. There will be a blog about that on Monday.) My body tried to go into Lazy Sunday mode today at work and I kept having to force it not to.

Had a nice time on Friday. Was three sheets to the wind when I got back to my friend's house and fell asleep on his couch. Never mind that the kitten woke me up at 6am when she started playing with my feet. Needless to say, it has been a long three days and the next three will be just as unforgiving.

Is anybody actually reading this blog? I'm just curious. Comments are appreciated.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Work, day off, chaos, and boozeing with friends.

I'm utterly rubbish at opening sentences and "breaking the ice". Work was interesting today. We got new pin pads at work so the customer actually swipes the card instead of us swiping it on the POS and whatnot. Well something happened when they were installing one of them because we had primarily one register going due to the fact that the other register could only do cash and more than half of our sales is done with credit/debit. Not fun!

The next 72 hours will go from a nice relaxing 24 to a crazy 48. I am off from work tomorrow but I have to do laundry and go and get my hair cut. I might cook tomorrow but probably not.

Friday/Saturday...hehe. Friday is free ChillZone day at work which pretty much means free fountain soda and slushy day aka HELL. We get a lot of kids who come in and make messes of our slushy station on a regular basis and they pay for their drinks. I anticipate at least 5 times the amount of messes. Our floor is going to be blue, red, green, and pink. I think that someone may have to stand outside and let the kids in 2 at a time. Bloody hell I am not looking forward to this. I also work 11:30a-8:30p. Really not looking forward to that however I am looking forward to boozing with my friends AFTER work and passing out on my friends sofa. I'm not looking forward to the impending hangover that will accompany it.

All in all, it will be an interesting 72 hours.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I made some really tasty brownies today and I discovered that if it says to put brownies in the oven for 30-35 minutes, to put them in for 35 minutes. Crunchy brownies are the best. Crunchy brownies make me a bit homesick as my mom makes ASS KICKING brownies that don't last very long. She always has to pull out two for my dad and hide them from us while we ravage the pan. Same thing with rice krispy treats although she uses a lasagna pan for those. A big honkin' Pampered Chef lasagna pan so they are monsters, nearly as thick as the ones from Starbucks. I miss my mom.

I'm afraid that if you are looking for a huge long heartfelt blog post every time I post, you may be disappointed. Sometimes I just post stuff because I want to post up a picture and sometimes it is just to rant. In this case, it was to talk about brownies.

Oh where to begin?

Hello...little intro here. I'm Andrea, I'm a bit deranged at times and this blog will be sporadically updated.
If you've stumbled upon me here, you might want to look at my profile so you know what you are in for.

I will most likely blog about my life and general things, thus not one specific topic..I've never actually properly blogged before so this is a bit of a learning experience for me.

I hope that you enjoy my blog if you so choose to read it and follow it and I hope that maybe I'll provide someone with a bit of entertainment once in a while.